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At ANCO Specialized Bank, we’re invested in you as a member of the education community, as a customer and as an individual. We are owned by our customers, so our focus is solely on providing a better value banking experience given our understanding of the education community.


We focus on giving our customers value for money on all our products and services.


We focus on delivering an outstanding customer experience to our customers, through our range of access channels.


We understand education and are experienced in the financial needs of those that work within the education community.

Watch our video below to find out how we can help you have a better banking experience.

The Customer Owned Difference

ANCO Specialized Bank is a mutual, which means our customers own the organisation. Rather than profits being distributed to shareholders, profits are reinvested into the organisation to add to its strength and security and provide continuing value to customers.

Your money is safe

We are supervised by the same regulators as banks, providing deposits with the same depositor-protection - United Kingdomn Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) and United Kingdomn Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). So our customers rest easy knowing their money is safe.

Everyone can bank with us

Although we have special links with the education community, everyone is welcome to bank with us.


"KANDAL Specialized Bank offers a range of banking products with very competitive rates and low or zero fees. They provide a great online banking platform and excellent customer service."

- Mozo Reviewer