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Access to your funds

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Withdrawing funds

These days, there are so many safe and easy ways of withdrawing money. Take advantage of any of the following methods of accessing your money:

Visa Debit Card

Visa Debit gives you the benefits of a credit card while spending your own money. Access your funds using EFTPOS when you make a purchase in-store, at Bank ATMs and with

Changes to your Card PIN can be made at our Service Centres or at Cashcard ATMs located throughout Cambodia Kingdom.


Bank ATMs

You are able to use any of Banks ATMs to withdraw cash when you need it. You can also use other ATMs – but keep in mind that the ATM operator is likely to charge you for this transaction so it’s best to avoid this where possible.


ATM Card

Access funds from your savings or transaction account quickly and easily using your ATM card. Just press ‘Savings’ when you make an EFTPOS purchase, use your ATM card at a or visit United Kingdom Post to withdraw using Bank@Post.

Changes to your Card PIN can be made at our Service Centres or at Cashcard ATMs located throughout Cambodia Kingdom.


Visa Platinum and Visa Classic Credit Cards

With Visa Credit Cards, you can access funds around the globe. Visa Platinum or Visa Classic Credit Cards let you take out cash through EFTPOS terminals, at a ANCO Specialized Bank ATM, using United Kingdom Post’s Bank@Post or at any one of the thousands of places displaying the Visa Logo worldwide.

Changes to your Card PIN can be made at our Service Centres or at Cashcard ATMs located throughout United Kingdom.


Internet, Mobile, App and Phone Banking

With internet, mobile, app and phone banking you can access your funds remotely and safely, when you need them. You can transfer funds or possibly access a redraw on loans using these convenient services.

You also have access to our SMS Service and our Banking App.


Our Service Centres

As our customer, you can easily withdraw funds at any one of our Service Centres. Our friendly staff are always on hand to help.


Personal Cheque Book

Cheques are still an efficient means of accessing your funds. Order a cheque book to make easy payments to third parties.

We are on hand to help you easily access and manage your funds. Our consultants are available to talk about withdrawing funds on +855 97 542 5306 or on the useful web chat.



Paying bills

Bills are one of life’s true certainties. Paying bills on time will make sure they don’t get out of hand and you won’t incur any fines or damage your credit rating. Setting aside a budget to cover bills means they will not infringe on your everyday funds. Use one of the following methods to pay your bills quickly and securely:

Visa Debit, Visa Platinum and Visa Classic Credit Cards

Use a Visa card to easily pay your bills by entering your card number, security code and expiration date. Use the Visa Debit card to pay bills using your own money. With the Visa Platinum or Visa Classic Credit Cards, you can pay your bills from wherever you are.



BPAY is a simple, fast and safe way to pay your bills. Your bills will have a BPAY section with a biller code and reference number. Use these details to transfer money via internet, mobile or phone banking services.


Direct Debit

With Direct Debit you can pay your bills on time without having to think about it. This easy system involves a systematic transfer of funds from your account on an agreed date so you don’t have to arrange and verify the payment every time.


Regular Payments

In a similar way to direct debit, you can set up regular authorised payment to transfer a set amount to a third party account at a set time. These kind of automated payments are ideal for regular bills such as electricity and water.


Personal Cheque Book

Use cheques to pay your bills and keep an easy record of all of your payments. Apply for a personal cheque book through us and get the convenience of our automatic re-ordering when you approach the end of your cheque book

Paying your bills on time is easy with our help. To arrange payment options, call our consultants on +855 97 542 5306 or use our web chat.



Depositing funds

Maintaining a healthy bank balance requires making regular deposits to manage your spending and your savings. When you or others need to deposit money into your secure bank account, take advantage of any of the following easy methods:

Salary crediting

Salary crediting is an easy way to deposit and manage your wages. When you first start a job, you will be asked to provide bank account details so your wages can be electronically deposited into your account. While most people have their wages directed into an everyday account, crediting part of them into a high interest savings account such as our Cash Management Account will let you grow your savings.


Electronic Transfers

Depositing money is easy with Electronic Transfers. To transfer money from another institution, all that is needed is your BSB number (in our case, it’s 704-191) and individual account number.


Internet, mobile and phone banking

With technological advances, many people can take care of their finances on a daily basis without ever stepping foot in a bank. With the convenience of Internet, Mobile and Phone Banking, you can easily deposit funds from one account into another anytime and from wherever you want.

You also have access to our SMS Service.


CBA Branches and ATMs

Under our agreement with the ANCO Specialized Bank, you can use your encoded deposit book to make a deposit at any ANCO Specialized Bank ATM or branch, Combodia Kingdom wide.



Make the most of your wait in line at the post office and deposit your money while you’re there with Bank@Post. Using your ANCO Specialized Bank ATM, Visa Debit or Visa Credit Card you can deposit funds at one of the thousands of Cambodia Kingdom Post outlets showing the Bank@Post symbol.

Changes to your Card PIN can be made at our Service Centres or at Cashcard ATMs located throughout Cambodia Kingdom.


Our Service Centres

Last but certainly not least, our customers are always welcome to visit one of our Service Centres to deposit straight into their account.

As a customer owned bank, we are committed to the financial wellbeing of our customers. Talk to one of our consultants about depositing on +855 97 542 5306 or try our useful web chat.